Fellow Aesthletes – sweetgreen

Fellow Aesthletes

sweetgreen logo

I’m not sure if the name is ever capitalized, but I’ll stick with the aesthetic they’re going for.  Beets, don’t kale my vibe.

I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of this growing salad venture, and they are the kindest humans.  I’m rhubarb-ing for their continued success!

Check out their “Core Values” below. Aesthletic if I’ve ever read it.

core values

These five core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything from the food we serve to the way we design our stores.

  • win, win, win

    create solutions where the company wins, the customer wins, the community wins

  • think sustainably

    make decisions that will last longer than you will

  • keep it real

    cultivate authentic food and relationships

  • add the sweet touch

    create meaningful connections every day from farm to patron

  • make an impact

    think smarter, work harder, do it together

I know I approve of these core values, and I think Michael Scott would too!


These guys are kale-ing it in the aesthetic and athletic arenas.  Providing healthful, fresh, seasonal food in unique, clean, Kinfolk-minded spaces.  Aesthleticism for the win!