Purest Form – Mark Madsen

Purest Form

Oh Snap! If “rhythm is a dancer“, then Mark Madsen’s middle name starts with an “R” and ends with an “hythm”.

For those of you born after 1995, direct your attention to this aesthlete. Fashion forward (those white washed dad jeans would cost you $180 in 2015) and unrelenting on the dance floor, Mark Madsen’s progressive, if not downright prescient (see: juking), style transcends fads, media types, and .com bubbles.

When it’s pure, you know.

Mark Madsen dances.

048657.SP.0614.lakers7.AMR The Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their 3rd NBA Championship with a parade and celebration in downtown LA. The celebration ended at the Staples Center. Mark Madsen dances for the crowd at Staples Center.

Bonus: Mark Madsen plays barefoot. Profound.