(Try hard to get it to) 100 – Intro

Keep it 100

As a patron, of a restaurant, coffee shop, or any other store selling an experience, I instantly rate the store based on the following equation:

(product + appearance) x service = experience rating100-emoji-128

Loosely, I call this my “100 Meter”. Each store starts at a score of 100, and, like your driving record, has points deducted upon further inspection.

In the hip-hop world, the concept of “keeping it 100” means a person is keeping it classy, being authentic, respecting his/her elders, and not turning brothers in to the police. In my rating system, a score of “100” is a unicorn: dreamt about often, but rarely, if ever, seen.  In my lexicon, “keep it 100” is nonexistent, but rather “get to 100” is more like it.

Over the course of this segment, I will feature various first-hand accounts to show you what I mean.  Let’s begin:

Golf Attire:

Coffeeshop interiors:

Car dashboards: