Purest Form – Jeep Wagoneer

Purest Form

We’re all sad that Mad Men is over. Trust me, no one loves projecting pseudo-sci-fi, vintage advertising historical fiction onto my daily affairs more than I do. Thanks for the smoking habit, Don!  Now if I can find someone to get the burn marks out of the polyester seat cover of my cherry red 1964 Jaguar XK-E.  Thanks again, Don, for depleting my savings account.

There’s no need to give up on the past.  Nostalgia sells.  Let’s celebrate aesthleticism in it’s purest form by wishing the Jeep Wagoneer a Happy 52nd Birthday to a car that made wood panels sexy and doesn’t need the family’s au pair to translate “apres ski”. No need for commentary here, just soak it in, kids.

1977JeepWagoneer_03_7001977JeepWagoneer_01_900-700x417  1977JeepWagoneer_02_700


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